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Epic Moves dance team is unique. We typically use photography and video to showcase our talents. In the new year we will feature opportunities in acting as well as more participation in dance performances, which will be highlighted in part courtesy of a media company partnership.

If your child loves to dance, Is between the ages of, 7- 17 years of age, please contact us at,

Epic Moves dance studio 

Epic Moves Dance Team

Epic Moves Dance Studio is proud of all our young dancers who showed resilience thru their hardwork and dedication this past year. We would like to thank parents and staff , and communicate our appreciation for all of you who held it together and made a personal commitment to our team in 2019.  

As we move forward, there will be challenges to raise the bar and improve. We ask that our young dancers and supporting cast continue to believe in self, stay positive, and motivated. 




Epic Moves Dance Team

In 2020, Epic Moves dance team would like to open our doors to more young dancers. We have an excellent facility that is safe, and kid friendly. Our practices are generally 2 to 3 hours. Within the exercise and creativity of dance, our dancers will learn some life skills related to public speaking, good work ethic, social skills related to proper etiquette, good communication, positivity, focus, the importance of goals, self esteem, and personal responsibility.

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